Thursday, January 28, 2010

Adventures at the ER with Katy

Yesterday the kids were playing on the mini trampoline and were having a great time until...

Katy's toe got smashed underneath one of the legs. It was just one of those unfortunate accidents and both Noah and Lily were so upset that she was hurt. I could see immediately that we would have to go to an Urgent Care of the ER, so I called Mom to come over and watch Noah and Lily while I took Katy.

First I took her to the nearest Urgent Care and they said they do stitches, but she was too young and I needed to take her to the ER. But, they wrapped her foot up for me and I drove her down to Kennestone. On the way she fell asleep...

She was sleeping so hard, snoring even. She didn't wake up when I got her out of the car, put her in the stroller, walked her inside, or while I checked in. The nurses got a real kick out of how hard she was sleeping, commenting on how they wish they could sleep like that.

She still slept while the Dr. took the bandage off her foot so he could take a look at it. There was so much blood caked on it that he had me sit there for about 30 minutes and soak her foot so he could see it better. The big wet spot on the mattress is from the saline solution spilling out of the bowl.

Still sleeping.... Every once in awhile a nurse that was walking by would stick her head in and see if she was still sleeping.

She was startled when she woke up and cried for quite awhile. The nurses came by to check on her and to finally get to say hello to her.

Here's Katy trying to smile for me. She just had her toe thoroughly irrigated and part of her toenail pulled off by the Dr. She was such a brave little girl!

Thankfully I had a lollipop in my purse because that really saved the day!

Her toe bled for the longest time and it is really swollen here. The Dr. had a colleague come in and take a look at it and then decided to get an X-Ray to make sure it wasn't broken. I didn't get any pictures of that part of the ER visit, but she was very good and went along with all of it without fussing.

Mommy with her sweet Katy. Turns out her toe had a small fracture and she was put on antibiotics for 10 days.

A kiss for my big girl.

Here we are at the end of our visit with nurse bandaging her up. It looks like Katy is trying to stop her from touching her toe.

Lot's of Neosporin.

This was supposed to stay on for 24 hours and then it could be taken off, but within 2 hours Katy had taken it off. So, we bandaged it up again, but it came off during the night...not surprisingly, she didn't sleep well at all!

Today she was acting like her normal self and running around as usual. I asked her several times if her boo-boo hurt and she always said no. It's amazing how resilient children are. I know if it were me with her injury, I would be hobbling around and whining.


Michael and Lyndsey said...

Poor little Katy. I'm glad she's doing better. all I can say.

Julie said...

Kids are so resiliant! That really looks nasty but she really was a trooper! I'd be whining too. Maybe the R.S would have to bring in meals. :)