Monday, January 25, 2010

OK, now I feel old!

We had the missionaries over for dinner tonight and we usually ask them where they are from and how many brothers and sisters they have... stuff like that. Well, Elder S. told us he had 9 brothers and sisters... that he is the oldest and the youngest is 3.

Now, that's a big family in my book, and with how busy my 3 keep me, I said things like "wow" (with my mouth hanging open) and "gosh, your mother must be so busy!" And, "she deserves an award!" Then Elder S. said he thought his mother might be done having kids now because the youngest is already 3 and she would have already been pregnant again. So, I asked him how old his mother was and he said 42.... well, I'm not 42 YET. But, it was like something hit me over the head as I was sitting there thinking next to him thinking that I am old enough to be his mother. I still can't stop thinking about it... I am getting old!


Julie said...

I'm 42 and have an 18 year old. It IS wierd! The missionaries say I'm like their mom and I always correct them and say "sister"! You are only as old as you feel right? I'm still 25.

Jami said...

I'm 42 too. My oldest just turned 17 and it's a little freaky. I can totally deal with being old, but having grown children may be a bit much for me.

Meredith said...

Hi Julie and Jami! I know you're only as old as you feel... I'll be 42 this year, but still feel 25 too! I guess since I got a late start having kids and my oldest is just 9... I really haven't thought much about being old enough to have an adult child. But, time flies and Noah will be going on a mission before I know it.