Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Baking, baking, baking

Sunday after church I felt like baking and I had two of the best helpers! I put Lily in charge of mixing and Katy in charge of putting chocolate chips into a bowl. It looks like she got a little bit on her face!

Lily is the best mixer ever. I think I should look into getting the girls cute little aprons because they love to help in the kitchen.

The chocolate, chocolate chip muffins were a hit and tasted very good! The peanut butter chocolate chip muffins were not so good. They were made with whole wheat flour and only sweetened with maple syrup so they were not very sweet. Plus, I baked them a little too long and they were kind of dry.

Today, Travis decided to make monkey bread and it was sooooooo yummy! It made a huge mess though because butter and brown sugar started dripping over the sides of the pan and burned at the bottom of the oven. I put a cookie sheet under it, but it was too late because there was just enough to burn for what seemed like forever and fill the kitchen with smoke!

I thought it looked so beautiful when it was turned out onto the dish and planned to get a picture of it... but no one could keep their hands out of it! Pickers!! It really was that good though with all it's chewy and sticky deliciousness! I'm glad I ran 7 miles today because with this around, I may have broken even calorie wise.

No more baking for awhile!!

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Julie said...

Yum. If you ran 7 miles you DESERVE to eat that! Nice pottery! Everything tastes/looks better in Polish Pottery.