Monday, February 08, 2010

Half, half, and more half's...

Travis signed up for the Run the Reagan Half Marathon this weekend to use as a training run in preparing for the GA ING Marathon he is doing in March. He also wants to do the Scenic City Half Marathon in Chattanooga at the end of the month as another training run and I think that makes sense since he is running a marathon in 6 weeks.

What doesn't make sense is that I decided I wanted to do them too. I have been training to do the GA ING half in March, but I really haven't put the miles in yet according to my training schedule to be ready for a half. On the other hand, after my long run this weekend (9 miles) I feel pretty good and I think I can do it. So, I have taken on the challenge to push myself and see what I'm made of.

The calendar is getting full... 3 half's in 6 weeks. I hope I don't regret this!

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Jenny said...

Wow! Lee is a runner but I have never been able to do it! Good luck to both of you! That is so awesome!