Sunday, February 14, 2010

I ran the Reagan!

Yesterday was the Run the Reagan half marathon and I am so happy because I had a PR and took about 14 minutes off of the last half that I did in November! However, the race itself was not all that enjoyable for me, mainly because of the weather conditions. It was cold, windy, and downright miserable at times.

They postponed the race start for 4 hours because of the weather. The day before we got 3 inches of snow and with below freezing temps, the roads were icy. We still just barely got there 20 minutes before it started and had to rush to get our packets and get to the starting line. At least the sun came out but it was still cold and very windy. The course was on the Ronald Reagan Parkway which was completely closed for the race, and it was pretty hilly and very boring.

They started the 10k and half folks at the same time so there was a pretty good crowd and things weren't too bad as I was getting into my groove. But, at the turnaround point for the 10k folks it instantly became quiet and lonely as I kept on going past. The only people I could see were so far in front of me they looked like little dots and there was no one behind me for what seemed like forever. Finally, I saw one person, then another, then another, and the dreaded feeling I had of being the last person out there went away. I estimate there were about 10 people behind me.

By the time I got to the finish line they were busy taking down the banner and I had to squeeze past them to get across it, then someone handed me a medal and said good job. I'm sure it was a long day for everyone who worked the race. The weather was so miserable and with the 4 hour late start I'm sure everyone was ready to go home. I know I was!

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malvs2walk said...

good job on the PR, and so sorry they were not too enthusiastic at the finish line.