Friday, February 19, 2010

MyCAA Military Spouse Tuition Assistance Program Halted Without Notice!

I am taking on-line classes with the help of a tuition assistance program for military spouses called MyCAA. It is a program through the DOD and it allows military spouses up to $6000 toward their schooling. This is my second semester using the assistance and I was just approved for the latest class I want to take and sent the voucher to my school last week.

I was not notified by MyCAA, but found out about it on facebook. And, depending on the article you read about it, it's unclear whether or not already approved tuition will be honored. I sure hope so, at least for now anyway.

Having that money there to take my classes felt like such a blessing and to have it taken away like that is very disappointing. It puts a damper on my education plans.



Jami said...

I can't believe they'd do that! That's really messing with people's lives. Your life!

I read the two articles--sounds like someone's been embezzling or something. An abrupt shut-down followed by vague reassurances that they are just doing a program review. Something's smelling fishy.

Meredith said...

I know Jami... it sounds fishy to me too!