Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Potty training!

Katy has been interested in potty training lately and today were in it full swing. She wore panties all day except when we went to the gym and she wore a pull-up. She went to the potty at least 15 times that I recorded and pooped 2 of those times. She was very excited about the whole potty chart and reward system. I gave her a pink star for every time she went to the potty and she could get a sweet tart or a smartie for each star. I think I will get some M&M's tomorrow to make the reward better. I know I would much prefer M&M's over sweet tarts or smarties any day.

Lily wanted to be in on the rewards too, so I gave her a purple flower on the chart for every time she helped Katy wash her hands after she went to the potty. She liked that!

More adventures in potty training tomorrow.

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Jenny said...

Wow! You make it sound so easy....I have always had a very hard time with potty training my kids! Way to go Katy!