Tuesday, February 09, 2010

See's Candies is the BEST!

Travis ordered some See's Candies and I didn't know it until this big box arrived last week. There was 8 boxes of chocolate's and peanut brittle!!! He said since he had to pay shipping he might as well get his money's worth! With Valentines' coming up he thought it would be nice to give some to Nana, and Noah's teacher and piano teacher... and of course for us! :) We especially love See's peanut brittle... it is by far the best we've ever eaten.

Anyway, Travis opened a box of chocolates and peanut brittle and they didn't look quite right, some of the candies were stuck together and a little gray and the texture of the peanut brittle was off from what we have had in the past. It looked like maybe the chocolates got melted and then were frozen? Who knows.

So, Travis sent an email to See's explaining and asked if he should send them all back or just the two boxes he opened. They wrote back and told him no, that they would replace his entire order.

Now, that's customer service!


meredith* said...

Good to know!I love SEE'S. I found you on Mormon moms who blog and I was drawn to your blog because I'm Meredith too! check me out: http://meredithtuttle.blogspot.com
thanks! :)

Julie said...

See's is our favorite too! I love good customer service. Sounds like See's is right up there with Nordstrom! Yummy.