Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blue and Gold Banquet

The cub scouts had their Blue and Gold Banquet this week. Noah has such great scouting leaders that do such a great job with the boys.

Noah was called up to get an award and he knew that I was trying to take his picture so he laid on the floor. I couldn't believe he did that! I was so embarrassed.

I got his picture anyway, the little stinker!

Each of the boys was asked to make a cake and bring it to the banquet. The cakes were used as centerpieces on each of the tables. It was an activity they were supposed to do with their mother or another adults help.

This is Noah's dirt cake. I made the cake while Noah was in school and that's all I did. He decorated the entire cake himself. It was hard for me not to try and help him, but he let me know that it was his project and he could do it all by himself. And, I think he did an excellent job. The little sign on top says "reserved for cub scout troop 637."

All of the boys did a wonderful job. It was fun to see what each of the boys came up with...

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