Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Family Home Evening: Food Storage

We have been focused on food storage around here lately and Travis is in full hoard mode. He has been researching the best methods for storing and the most economical way to do it. We have always had some food storage but we never really focused on it, and now it feels like we are making some progress towards having a real food storage. I'm really happy that this has become a new hobby for Travis because he doesn't do anything half way.

So, that's what our FHE was on last night and it seemed to be a lot of fun for the kids. It went better than they usually do and we didn't have to yell at them once! Travis asked the kids if they remembered the movie Joseph King of Dreams and how Joseph had a dream about 7 fat cows and 7 skinny cows. The 7 fat cows meant 7 years of abundance and the 7 skinny cows meant 7 years of famine. And, Travis explained how the people were able to prepare when there was abundance by putting food away for the times when there would be famine. Then he talked about what food storage is and how we have been instructed by the prophet to put food away to be prepared for the hard times. So, for our activity we had the kids help pack up some pasta to add to our food storage.

Katy is pouring pasta into a mylar bag. They got to pour 3 boxes into a bag to make a 3lb bag of pasta.

Here they are sealing the bag.

Now it's Lily's turn to pour the pasta.

This is so much fun!

Lily helping to seal the bag.

Noah was a big help with figuring out how to get the bags to fit into a plastic bucket just right.

Noah is putting oxygen absorbers in the bucket.

And last but not least it's time to label the bucket. We were able to put 11 lbs of pasta in this one.

We're number 1!


Jenny said...

What a great FHE! Where did you buy your mylar bags and sealer? We have always done cans from the cannery, but it is so far from us and borrowing the stake's canner take forever here.

Meredith said...

Travis got some big mylar bags from an emergency preparedness website and the smaller ones he got from the cannery. The sealer he got locally too and found it on craigslist. We'll be bringing it with us when we move and you are more than welcome to use it!