Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Spring!

It is beautiful right now with the coming of Spring. The flowers and trees blooming and we have been taking lots of walks with the dog taking it all in. It certainly is a welcome change after the long cold winter we just endured. And, with the beauty comes the pollen and allergies but, that's just life I guess.

Katy wanted me to bring the stroller so she could ride in it, but that didn't last long before she wanted to get out and push her care bear in it.

Lily is such a girly girl wearing a hello kitty tiara and pink pearls.

Sweet sisters.

Lily loves to pick flowers and it's hard to keep her from wanting to pick all the neighbors flowers. So, I told her she could pick up as many flowers as she wanted to that have fallen off of the trees on the ground. She liked that idea, so she brought her bucket, but it's not the same as picking the big pretty purple and yellow ones the neighbors have. She still snuck in a few of those here and there!

We have been singing the Popcorn Popping song a lot lately!

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