Monday, March 01, 2010

Weekend company

My good friend Angele and her son Jayden came up from Jacksonville last weekend and we had a really nice visit.

We took her to the Marietta Diner which is one of our favorite places.

A Jayden sandwich!

Angele decided to paint the girls nails and they loved it.

Lily gets the full manicure treatment because Angele didn't want Lily to get down and smudge her nails.

Of course Katy is next...

We got a sitter on Saturday and we took Angele to the gun range. She was so excited!

It was very busy the whole time we were at Nick's... who knew there were so many people that hung out at gun ranges!

Travis is so excited to shoot his new gun for the very first time.

Learning from the master!


Angele did great! She is a much better shot than I was my first time shooting a gun.

I think Angele is hooked. Here she is calling all of her friends to tell them about all the fun she had and how empowered she felt.

We took Angele to Planet Smoothie 3 times while she was here. We probably got her hooked on Lunar Lemonade smoothies too!

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