Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What a relief!

I'm pleased to announce that after months of research and brainstorming Travis finished his thesis. Woo -hoo!

Writing a thesis is a long process of editing and proof reading to bring it all together.

This idea he had for a diagram turned into...

...this! Travis was pleased with the way this turned out and thought his professor would appreciate it because he likes triangles.

The paper is on the development of coastal shipment as a sustainable freight mobility option. In short it's about trying to get trucks off the highways and freight onto ships where feasible. If you want to read it let me know.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yucky Soup

We went over to Aunt Carol's for a little visit today and since it was raining the girls couldn't jump on the trampoline or swing. Aunt Carol had a brilliant idea though.... she suggested they make yucky soup on the back porch. This was the perfect rainy day activity for them and it kept them busy for quite awhile.

Aunt Carol got them a pot and some spoons and then she started cleaning out her refrigerator. She gave them the things that had seen better days; marinade, salad dressing, mustard, bacon bits, pickle relish, blue cheese, pudding...

"OK Katy, I'm ready for the Easter eggs." Carol didn't get around to making egg salad out of them like she planned!

"Here ya go...."

"...and, here's an orange one."

"I think it's all beginning to come together now."


"Do you think we need this salsa too?"

"I'm not gonna try it... you try it!"

Even Nick and Tate started to make their own pot of yucky soup. By the time Carol was done cleaning out her fridge and pantry there were 2 pots of absolute yuckiness. We were all pretty disgusted by that point so it was time to dump the yucky soup in the woods. Compost anyone? With our upcoming move, I will be cleaning out our fridge soon and I'm sure there will be some ingredients just perfect for yucky soup.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fishing with the girls

Last Saturday morning Travis had the idea of taking the girls fishing for the first time. We live pretty close to Lake Allatoona so we didn't have to go too far to find a place to try out their new fishing poles. Noah was spending the night at his cousins and missed out on the fun. However, later when we told him what we did he said it was no big deal to him because fishing is boring!

The girls were so excited to get started that it was hard to hold them back from running down to the water. I don't think Travis will ever have to beg the girls to go fishing with him.

Lily is patiently waiting for Daddy to bait her hook.

Watching the boats go by....

Travis is telling Lily about how much fun it is to sit there and wait and wait and wait. Also, that it's OK if we don't catch any fish because we are just practicing.

What is this? Worms?!

Katy and her princess fishing pole. She got very good at reeling in the worm every time Travis cast it out in the water.

Katy was not afraid to hold the worms. Lily didn't want to and in times past Noah refused to touch them. Too funny!

Katy is looking over the edge of the dock at some cute ducklings swimming by. It's a good thing Travis was right there because that one made me really nervous. I was a nervous wreck most of the time hovering around ready to grab someone in case they fell in the water because it doesn't take much for the girls to fall down, especially Katy, but we were in luck and there were no incidents.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lily at 4 years old

I just realized I never posted about my sweet Lily turning 4...

  • She is a delightful child!
  • She loves all things pink.
  • She is a "girly girl" and loves to wear pretty dresses.
  • She loves to carry a purse, wear tiaras, and play high heels.
  • She loves to paint pictures and her nails. She also loves to color and do crafts.
  • She adores her little sister and they are so cute together.
  • She idolizes Noah and wants to do whatever he's doing.
  • She is a Momma's girl through and through and says the sweetest things to me. But, she also likes to tell me what to do.
  • She loves to sing and dance.
  • She loves her dog Pepper and enjoys taking her for daily walks.
  • She likes to ride her Princess scooter around the block while with Katy, Mommy, and Pepper.
  • Lily is a wonderful child and I feel so blessed to have her for my daughter. She teaches me so much and enriches my life more than I can ever express.
I love you Lily!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Picture Perfect

Spring is so beautiful with the flowers and trees in full bloom. Last week I took a few pictures of the girls in front of a really pretty tree with pink blossoms all over it because around here there is nothing better than pink flowers. They were pretty good for about 5 minutes so I was able to get a few cute shots of them before they lost interest and stopped smiling for me.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tellus Museum

Noah went on a field trip to the Tellus Museum a few weeks ago with his school and had a great time. He wanted us to go there with us to show us all of the neat stuff he saw. So, last week when he was on spring break we all went and his friend Anthony came along too. I enjoyed taking the kids and think Tellus is a great little museum.

The museum is in Cartersville right off of the interstate. The grounds are really nice and they have a huge pavillion. The weather was beautiful and it would have been perfect to have a picnic lunch outside. I think we'll have to do that before we leave... the kids would love it.

Travis is talking to the girls about the Apatosaurus.

Noah, Anthony, and Katy loved watching the coins go down into the vortex.

Checking out a cool helicopter. It would have been easier just to have skipped the transportation room all together because the girls were having a hard time staying off of the trains, cars, helicopters.... you get the picture. There were signs everywhere that said "do not touch" and there were museum workers standing around ready to tell you to stay off the displays.

Lily in space! It was OK to climb on this.

Katy the astronaut!

Digging for fossils.

Panning for gems.

This was a lot of fun for the kids. Noah found quite a few little gems.

The Mammoth was awesome!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Help me save my Scentsy party!

I'm having a Scentsy party this Thursday morning and it looks like it's going to be a bomb! Right now I'm down to only 2 yeses. Yikes! Anyone who has ever had a home party knows it's a little nerve wracking when no one shows up. So, I'm hoping to make up for the lack of attendance by getting some on line orders.

Scentsy has some really great smelling scents and beautiful decorative warmers. There is definitely something for everyone!

If you would like to order something please check out Cheryl Halls website: https://warmerenvy.scentsy.us/Home

I really appreciate it!!!