Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tellus Museum

Noah went on a field trip to the Tellus Museum a few weeks ago with his school and had a great time. He wanted us to go there with us to show us all of the neat stuff he saw. So, last week when he was on spring break we all went and his friend Anthony came along too. I enjoyed taking the kids and think Tellus is a great little museum.

The museum is in Cartersville right off of the interstate. The grounds are really nice and they have a huge pavillion. The weather was beautiful and it would have been perfect to have a picnic lunch outside. I think we'll have to do that before we leave... the kids would love it.

Travis is talking to the girls about the Apatosaurus.

Noah, Anthony, and Katy loved watching the coins go down into the vortex.

Checking out a cool helicopter. It would have been easier just to have skipped the transportation room all together because the girls were having a hard time staying off of the trains, cars, helicopters.... you get the picture. There were signs everywhere that said "do not touch" and there were museum workers standing around ready to tell you to stay off the displays.

Lily in space! It was OK to climb on this.

Katy the astronaut!

Digging for fossils.

Panning for gems.

This was a lot of fun for the kids. Noah found quite a few little gems.

The Mammoth was awesome!


Michael and Lyndsey said...

These are the places I love to go to. Looks like you guys had a great time.

meredith said...

Lyndsey- we did have fun. I love museums too... especially ones where the kids can have some fun while they learn something.