Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yucky Soup

We went over to Aunt Carol's for a little visit today and since it was raining the girls couldn't jump on the trampoline or swing. Aunt Carol had a brilliant idea though.... she suggested they make yucky soup on the back porch. This was the perfect rainy day activity for them and it kept them busy for quite awhile.

Aunt Carol got them a pot and some spoons and then she started cleaning out her refrigerator. She gave them the things that had seen better days; marinade, salad dressing, mustard, bacon bits, pickle relish, blue cheese, pudding...

"OK Katy, I'm ready for the Easter eggs." Carol didn't get around to making egg salad out of them like she planned!

"Here ya go...."

"...and, here's an orange one."

"I think it's all beginning to come together now."


"Do you think we need this salsa too?"

"I'm not gonna try it... you try it!"

Even Nick and Tate started to make their own pot of yucky soup. By the time Carol was done cleaning out her fridge and pantry there were 2 pots of absolute yuckiness. We were all pretty disgusted by that point so it was time to dump the yucky soup in the woods. Compost anyone? With our upcoming move, I will be cleaning out our fridge soon and I'm sure there will be some ingredients just perfect for yucky soup.

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Jenny said...

Oh what fun! Perfect activity...especially when it is outside!