Saturday, May 15, 2010

Travis Graduates!!!

On May 7th, 2010 we went to the commencement ceremony at the Alexander Memorial Coliseum. We decided to just take Noah with us and I'm glad we did because I enjoyed spending that time with him just the two of us. Many thanks to my Mom for watching the girls for us.

Travis and the Ramblin' Wreck

Noah had his eye on these balloons the whole time and couldn't wait until it was time to drop them on the graduates. He had a plan to run down on the floor and get one as soon as they dropped.

We had about 45 minutes to wait before the ceremony started. I enjoyed having this time to just sit and people watch. I also passed the time by texting friends and family. Too bad we didn't think to bring Noah's DS.

We're fresh and excited for the ceremony to start. We talked about this and that, played "would you rather..." and we even measured our feet. We discovered his feet have grown considerably in the last 6 months and are exactly the size of mine.

Buzz leads the band as the graduates file in. It was fun to watch him running around having fun with the audience.

All of the graduates have entered and are waiting to be seated. Travis is in the 4th row from the end. This is when I started to realize it was going to take quite awhile for his name to be called.

The faculty has entered and are being seated. The commencement address was given by Dr. Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy.

Travis is about to go on the stage to get his degree.

Two hours later and not so fresh and excited anymore.

Noah with a glazed over look. He asked when it would be over about 100 times.

It was funny to watch him as he tried to keep himself occupied by making faces, drumming his fingers, or making spastic movements.

He really did great considering we were there for 45 minutes before it started and then sat through a 2.5 hour ceremony. Great job Noah!

Noah and his Dad, the Georgia Tech graduate!

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Julie said...

Congratulations Travis! That's an awesome achievement. It was quite an achievement for Noah too...I'm sure he'll be glad he was there...eventually.