Monday, May 03, 2010

VA and WV Trip

Last weekend we took a road trip WV to take a look around and check out the base we will be moving to this summer. The kids were really good considering it was an all day drive. Thank goodness for DVD players! This was the first time we took Pepper on such a long trip and she did great... the perfect traveling companion.

We saw 3 pretty bad accidents on the trip. This one was in TN and caused the traffic to back up for miles.

We were extremely happy to be going the opposite way!

We stopped at a rest area and had a picnic lunch. It gave us a chance to enjoy the nice weather, stretch our legs, walk the dog, and for Lily to roll down a big grassy hill.

We spent the first night in Harrisonburg, VA and really enjoyed our accommodations. We have become spoiled and like to stay at a Residence Inn if we can find one. It's so nice to be comfortable and have room for the kids to spread out. They love having their own room too.

Here is Pepper in a kennel at the Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton, VA. We decided to check it out and thought it would be both educational and fun for the kids. I loved it! Check out their website: We happened to get lucky and be there on the day of the May Day Celebration and there was music, food, and entertainment.

We got a wagon to pull the girls in while we walked around and we bought a couple of bags of food to feed the chickens, turkeys and geese. Out first stop was the German Farm.

Inside the barn...

Lily and Katy inside the farmhouse checking out the handmade baskets and the wooden shoes. We learned that the Dutch were not the only ones who wore wooden shoes.

Noah is sitting at a loom....

The guide explained to us how the loom works and then invited us into the kitchen where she was cooking.

This guide was in another room telling stories. It would have nice to sit down and listen to a few of them, but the kids were ready to move on.

There was a well outside of the house and we had to try it out and see how it worked. It's not as easy as it looks.

The Irish Farm had chickens, a cow, and a pig.

Daddy and Katy are looking at the cute pig in the mud.

I don't know where Lily picked up this brush.

The English Farm.

In the kitchen of the farmhouse...

We watched the blacksmith make nails.

There was a May Pole Dance and I wanted to do it with the girls.

Our group wasn't listening very well and people were going the wrong way so our ribbons were getting all tangled up. We got the idea though.

After we left Staunton we headed over the mountain to the base about an hour away. This is the one of the spectacular views along the way.

This is what the main road is like coming in and out of the base. When we got to the base we took a look around, which didn't take long, and then we had a nice dinner with the Richardson's and the Opperman's. I didn't take any pictures while we were on the base but since we are moving there I figured I would have time for that later.

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