Sunday, June 06, 2010

MA Trip- Day 1

We left about 7:00 AM last Thursday for our road trip to MA. Everyone was excited and ready to go even Pepper who is in the back next to Noah.

Travis loaded the van just so and we were on our way just in time for morning rush hour traffic. Luckily we were only delayed for a bit and started making good time once we were on I-285.

Even though it wasn't exactly on the way to MA, we stopped through Lexington, SC to visit with Dan and Kayna. With our upcoming move next month we figured it might be awhile before we get a chance to see them again.

We met them for lunch at Hudson's, a local barbecue restaurant. Kayna's good friend Diane was visiting from Utah and getting the full southern fried experience.

There was a local author there signing books and Kayna bought one. She was telling Lily what the book was about.

After lunch we went back to Dan and Kayna's house to visit for awhile. Travis is very handy so Kayna had a few minor chores she had been saving for him to do. This happens to him when we visit my family so he's used to it and doesn't mind a bit. We talked about the trip Kayna and Diane were planning to Charleston and giving them ideas about what to do and where to stay. The kids like to visit Aunt Kayna because she always has neat stuff to keep them busy.

I enjoyed visiting with my sweet big brother Dan. We don't get to see each other often enough.

Lily was so excited about the beads Aunt Kayna gave her and couldn't wait to make a necklace with them.

Miss you Kayna!!

Travis and Dan

On our way out of town we decided to ride by our old house in Irmo. Going over the Lake Murray Dam was cool. The road from Lexington to Irmo, that has been under construction for years, is finally complete and it was a pleasure to make the drive over. We enjoyed seeing our old stomping ground and talked about all of the things we enjoyed about living in SC. We got on the road again about 5:00 PM and drove until about 9:30 PM when we stopped in Hillsville, VA. We were so tired after our long day and basically took showers and went to bed.

Day 2... stay tuned!

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