Tuesday, June 08, 2010

MA trip- Day 3

Since we were in NJ, I figured we could get some good bagels and cream cheese, so Travis and Noah went to fetch some for our breakfast.

While we were waiting for them to get back with our breakfast the girls colored and watched a little TV.

We all enjoyed our delicious bagels, cream cheese, and lox. We decided to save the leftover bagels and cream cheese and the leftover pizza from the night before to eat for our lunch. Just after we left the hotel parking lot and started picking up speed we heard a bumping noise and thought something was hitting the car, but realized it was our leftovers flying off the roof of the car. OOPS!!!

Here we are in NY waiting in line to pay the $8.50 toll to get on the George Washington bridge. Yes, the toll was $8.50.

It was exciting to cross the bridge and see NYC right there. We talked about stopping to get some lunch or do some sightseeing, but then decided we should keep on going so we could hurry up and get to Gloucester already!

We were moving right along until we got caught in traffic in CT that was backed up for miles. We pulled off the interstate for a bathroom break and found out the delay was from a serious car accident with 4 fatalities. So sad! We decided to take the scenic route at that point and were so glad we did because we traveled through some of the most beautiful areas of CT and NY.

Back on the interstate again.....

Lily giving Pepper a squeeze. Pepper is the best dog ever and such a pleasure to travel with!!

We finally arrived in Glouscester!!! This is the beautiful view from the deck of the house. The house we are staying in has lots of character and charm. It is awesome! After we arrived I walked around taking lots of pictures before it got the lived in look.

The kitchen...

A bedroom

The sun porch

The dining room

This is our bedroom. It's nice and big with a great view of the water.

Katy and Pepper in another bedroom.

Even though we have stairs at home we were worried Katy might have trouble going up and down these stairs since they have no carpet and are a little steep. She tends to fall down enough as it is just walking on a flat surface. Well, we were right to worry because on our first night she slipped and fell down the last 3-4 steps. Thankfully she wasn't hurt, just scared, so we made a rule that she cannot go up and down the stairs without help from an adult and since then there have been do accidents.

Lily in the living room.

Travis relaxing in front of the TV.

Here Carol, Noah, Tanner, and Tate happily pose for a picture. Noah has his hand up in the air like Tate because this is Tate's latest stem. The last few weeks Tate has started holding his hand in the air all of the time. Carol calls it PTL or "Praise the Lord" .... too funny!

My handsome nephews Tanner and Tate.

In the yard in front of the house

Noah and Katy looking for shells and other stuff.

Tanner, Tate, and Noah were brave enough to go swimming in the cold water. It took them awhile but they finally got up enough courage to swim out to the dock after Carol said she would give them $5. Money is a huge motivator.

Yay! We are so happy to be at to be at the beach house!!

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