Thursday, June 10, 2010

MA Trip- Day 4

Travis kept the girls for the day so I could go to Salem with Carol and the boys. I really enjoyed being able to walk around at my leisure and explore the town. Thanks for keeping the girls dear!

Salem is one of the oldest seaports in New England and has so much history including the Salem witch trials.

Tanner, Tate, and Noah at the wharf.

The building on the right is the customs house right across the street from the wharf.

We went to the Witch Dungeon Museum to see a re-enactment of the Salem Witch Trials. It was interesting. Check out their website for more information.

Carol and Tate waiting for the show to begin.

Before the show it was storming outside complete with thunder and lightning. We all thought this weather was just perfect touch for our witch museum experience.

The actual transcripts from the trial were used in the show. I thought the actresses were very dramatic and did a good job.

After the show our tour guide took us downstairs to a dungeon that is a replica of what the real dungeon was like. She explained that in the 1950's, before there was a historical society in Salem, the telephone company found the actual dungeon from the witch trials, but it was destroyed. The beam behind her was saved from the original site.

The mannequins were a little cheesy, but it gave you a better idea of the the conditions were like. It was dark, damp, and yuck.


Right at the end, after we spent the last 10 minutes going through the dungeon looking at mannequins, an actual person hidden under a cloak moved and it scared me to death.

It was still storming afterward and of course we didn't have an umbrella. So we waited it out for a few minutes until the rain let up and then made a run for the car which was about a mile away.

When we got back to Gloucester it was still storming with very heavy rain and wind.

The wind was whipping everything around. I totally love storms!

We had lobstah for dinner that night. No trip to MA is complete without eating lobstah!

While looking at his lobsters face Noah began to feel a little sorry for him, but not too sorry.

Everyone digging in and enjoying the wonderful meal Travis prepared. It was awesome!

Travis told Noah and Tanner how to tell if their lobsters were male or female once they cracked them open and pulled them apart. It was not the best dinner conversation.

After dinner the storm ended and the sun even peeked out a bit. It was a nice end to a great day!

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