Friday, June 11, 2010

MA Trip- Days 6 & 7

We took a side trip to Brunswick, ME for a couple of days to visit old friends. We love Maine and it has been our favorite duty station so far. Noah didn't want to go with us because he wanted to hang out with his cousins and go to Boston. He also made a point that we will be moving soon and it will be along time before he gets to see them again. We couldn't argue with that. So, it was just us, the girls, and Pepper.

We drove by our old neighborhood and I took a picture of our old house for Noah. He said he thought it looked much better when we lived there.

Once we tracked him down we dropped by to see George Smith at a job he was doing. First we went by his house and then to the commissary to see his wife Linda. She was so surprised! Just popping in on someone isn't something I generally like to do but, I have to admit it is fun to see their reaction. When he left 2 years ago George lent Travis a small cooler for his road trip and told him to return it to him in person one day. Travis told George he was here to return his cooler. He wanted to know when we were moving back and I think Travis would do it in a heartbeat.

My friend Faith has the cutest consignment store in Lisbon Falls called What 2 Wear. She started her business after we left so I was really looking forward to checking it out because I love those consignment stores!

Lily and Katy with Faith's daughter Joanna. She was our nanny for a week when we left ME 2 years ago to move to GA. She couldn't believe how much the girls had grown.

There was so much cute stuff that I could have spent hours in What 2 Wear. I only had about 30 minutes but managed to find 3 skirts, 4 shirts, and a pair of shoes!

I told Joanna that if we still lived here I would be the store all the time.

After we left the store we went to the Roger's house for dinner. They bought a new house in December and it is beautiful. Faith has it decorated so nicely, very rustic and "Maine'ish."

The girls had a great time playing outside for hours while we sat inside and visited.

Cecil and Faith

Faith is one of my favorite people. She was my walking buddy when we lived here. We used to meet really early in the morning before the kids were awake and walk and talk. It was good therapy. We did the Big Lake half marathon in NH 2 years ago and she had to drag me across the finish line.

Travis and Cecil... how sweet!

Danielle, Joanna, me, Adam, Lily, and Katy. Trying to get Lily and Katy to pose for this picture was like trying to herd cats. I'm wish Noah would have been here to visit with the Rogers. Hopefully, we will see them again soon!

The next morning we went to see another wonderful friend of mine Louise Ansari. He daughter Nahid and Lily were buddies when we lived here. Travis dropped us off and went to the base where he used to work. He got so caught up in his visit that he was almost an hour late picking us up, but we didn't mind.

The weather was so beautiful and perfect for playing outside.

I could have sat outside the whole time, but it didn't last too long because Lily was more interested in going inside and making necklaces with her beads.

Stringing beads to make necklaces and bracelets has become Lily's big obsession on this trip. She wants to do it any chance she gets and it keeps her busy for hours. If only we had discovered this months ago!

Louise is great! We have so much in common and I think she gets me. She is so interesting and I could talk with her for hours and hours.

Nahid and Lily BFF's

Our last stop was to see Luisa and Sasha. Luisa makes the best Italian food and was expecting us for lunch. Since we were late she was worried that her past a wouldn't be al dente but it was just fine. She made us Eggplant Parmesan and it was so delicious we couldn't stop eating. She also made Travis tiramisu because he thinks hers is the best. We ate way too much!

We had a nice visit and Sasha took the girls to the park behind their house a couple of times. She also painted their nails and they loved it. I told Sasha she should come to GA and be my nanny for a few weeks while Travis is in WV.

On the way back to MA we stopped in Freeport so Travis could go to LL Bean and see if there were any deals. He ended up with a waterproof, tear proof, map of WV.

I was going to go to the Children's Place but it was closed but there was a Gymboree outlet and that was even better. We finally got on the road and got back to Gloucester about 10:00PM, only 4 hours later than we planned. Oh well, we're on vacation having a good time and that's what it's all about.

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