Thursday, June 10, 2010

MA Trip- Day 5

We spent the day exploring Gloucester and Rockport. It was a beautiful day and the girls were dying to go to the beach. So after breakfast we took the kids down the street to a little strip of beach called Wonson Cove in Rocky Neck.

Tate and the girls were out on the deck blowing bubbles and enjoying the sun. Then it was time for a popcorn break. Pepper has been living the life this week.

The house we are staying in is the 3rd one from the left.

Noah and Tate brave the chilly water while Pepper runs around sniffing all the good, and not so good, beachy smells.

Lily, Katy, and Noah playing in the water.

I love you too, Pepper!

Katy and Lily making sand angels.

Mommy and Katybug

Lily helps to make a sandcastle.

Carol and Tate

After lunch Carol took Tanner and Tate into Boston to pick up Boyd and Ben while we decided to explore Gloucester. We found this little playground and let the kids play for a few minutes to get their wiggles out. I don't know why I thought this was neat, I guess it's because I've never seen a playground right next to a marina.

Daddy helps Katy on the monkey bars.

Noah takes two, no four at a time!

Katy loves to slide!

Katy in front of the Gloucester Fishermen's Memorial. In 1923, this statue was commissioned for Gloucester's 300th celebration.

Noah said he could see everything in the harbor through the viewer.

The Memorial is a tribute to the over 10,000 fisherman who lost their lives at sea through the centuries and to be a reminder of how dangerous fishing is.

Lily in front of the fisherman statue which is also called "The Man at the Wheel"

There are plaques all around the memorial that list the names of the men who died at sea.

The crew of the "Andrea Gail" are on the list. Sebastian Junger's book "The Perfect Storm" was based on their last voyage. I haven't read the book but I have seen the movie and it is very good. It is action packed and brings to life just how dangerous fishing is. It is also a sad movie and I remember thinking about the characters for quite some time after seeing it.

This reminded me of all the fish sticks I ate growing up and the commercial jingle...."Trust the Gorton's fisherman... from Gorton's of Gloucester."

Rockport is just 3 miles from Gloucester and is considered more affluent and trendy while Gloucester is a working class town.

I love Rockport! This little harbor is so picturesque and New Englandish.

Check out the huge gray cloud moving in. It came and went quickly just raining long enough for us to get wet.

I love this picture of Noah in front of the lobster traps on the dock with the boat house in the background.

Everyone decided to take a little rest on the floating dock.

My cutie pie kiddos!

Me and my handsome son. I heart him!

This was taken back in Gloucester in Rocky Neck.

This little store called the Last Stop sells sandwiches and goodies and other incidentals you might need. It's a nice little walk from the house.

I came across this sign while I was walking Pepper and thought it was so cool. This is about halfway between the house and the "Last Stop."

This area is so cool! There are little shops and galleries all over the area especially on Rocky Neck Ave which was right in our back yard. Check this out:

I was thinking as I took my walk that it is impossible to take a bad picture around here because everything is so beautiful. Everywhere I looked I saw cute houses with lots of character, beautiful yards, and gardens. Then there is the gorgeous harbor and marina. This area is just awesome.

Even the old rustic fishing boats have a beauty of their own.

Wow, I love this picture!

The girls were all over Boyd when he and Ben arrived at the house. Boyd is so good with kids and they just love being around him.

Boyd, Tanner, and Noah were playing monopoly while Ben and Travis watched and gave advice. Noah is a pretty shrewd businessman and is not easily swayed into making a deal if he doesn't think it's a good one. He doesn't know everything yet, but he is already pretty good at Monopoly for just being 9 years old. I went to bed long before the game was over.

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