Sunday, June 06, 2010

This and that

We have had lots of activity lately and I'm behind in my blogging. Since we're on vacation in Gloucester, MA this week, I plan to do some serious catching up!

Katy is riding her tricycle now!!

We got it for Katy
several months ago and she hasn't shown much interest in it until recently. We take little walks up and down the street and it gives her a chance to practice. She is getting better and can go further each time and it won't be long before we can all go around the block together.

I take daily walks with the girls and Pepper and most of the time it feels like a circus parading around the block. Sometimes Lily will ride her bike or her scooter while Katy and I walk or while I push Katy in the stroller. And, Pepper is just happy to be with her pack.

Noah is sporting his nice fresh summer haircut. He is so happy to be out of school for the summer and ready to have some fun. He made straight A's the entire year!! We are so proud of our honor roll dude!

Last week Nana came over to eat dinner with us. We had chicken tortilla soup which has become one of our favorite meals lately. We had a wonderful Family Home Evening afterward about families and we each bore our testimonies. Our family band played for Nana with Noah on the piano, me on the violin, Travis on the cowbell, Lily on the recorder, and Katy on the maracas. It was more noise than music but it was fun. Maybe one day our family band will actually make some real music together.

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