Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting settled in...

So, this is week two and we are learning our way around the area getting familiar with what there is to do around here. Everyone has been so helpful and friendly! We have been invited to dinner and fed by some wonderful new friends and that has made us feel very welcome.

The cabins are not far from the track so we've been going down there to walk or ride bikes. There is also a .75 mile loop that goes around the track that we have been running on.

This is the Exchange and the Commissary. I love that we live so close that we can walk and take the wagon with us.

Katy enjoys a ride with the groceries!

Miss Lily

We have really enjoyed going to the pool since we've been here. In order for kids to swim in the deep end of the pool they have to be able to swim the length of the pool and back and tread water for 2 minutes. Noah was so excited yesterday when he passed his test!


carol said...

I miss you guys so much! Think of you everyday.

Meredith said...

We miss you too!!! We can't wait to see you guys at Thanksgiving!!

Navylangs said...

Just popping in to see how the move is going on that side of the country. Can't wait to see the house!