Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lily's day at the pumpkin patch

Lily's preschool class went on a trip to a pumpkin patch this week and I went along to have a special Lily and Mommy day.  Before everyone got on the bus we were briefed to make sure everyone knew that there were plenty of bags and buckets just in case anyone felt sick during the long ride over the mountain.  I was a little bit nervous because I sometimes get dizzy in the car if I'm not driving when we go over the mountain and I thought going over on a bus it might be worse.  Then on the drive over I had visions of one child throwing up and then a chain reaction starts and everyone starts to throw up... anyway, it was fine and there were no incidents.  Thank goodness!

Lily thought this was a mighty funny looking pumpkin!

Each child got to pick out their own pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.

Lily went down the hay chute slide many times.  The slide is 60 feet long and is under the ground except for the very top and the very bottom.

I loved hearing her say WHOA all the way down.

Lily and her friend are milking a cow. 

These are Lily's wonderful teachers!  Mrs. Eye made really cute pumpkin t-shirts for all of the children to wear.

Back to the milking....

She thought it was so funny to pretend she was drinking the milk (it was actually water.)

Lily loves to ride a merry go round!

This is the cow train and when the kids wanted her to go faster they had to yell moooooo.  It looked fun but Lily didn't seem to enjoy it that much and she didn't want to ride it again.  I think it was because it was bumpy and dirt got in her eyes. 

It is so fun to bag pots and pans and cowbells as hard as you want to and make as much noise as you want to.

Each of the kids got 3 balls to shoot out in the field and then they had to go and get them.

Lily liked pumping the water so the ducks could race even though the ducks kept getting stuck.  Nice idea though!

Lily and her friend Joseph.

It was fun to take pictures of all the neat looking squash and pumpkins.

I love pumpkins and all things fallish.

OK Lily, just one more picture.

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