Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I am a huge fan of Scentsy and am really excited to have a give away on my blog.  My friend Cheryl who sells Scentsy is giving away a FREE plug- in warmer and 3 fragrances to one lucky winner!   

All you have to do is leave me a comment on my blog about Scentsy.  If you've tried it tell me why you like it and what your favorite scents are.  If you've never tried it, that's OK, tell me that too.  I know if you haven't tried it then you are in for a treat.

Cheryl got me hooked on Scentsy when we lived in GA and I love it.   One of the first things I did when we moved into our new place this summer was to locate the box with my warmers and get them going.  They make the house smell so wonderful.  I happen to love the Romance fragrances but there are other collections such as: Scentsy Bakery, Spa, Tropical, Cafe, Fall/Winter, and Men's.   So, there is definitely something for everyone to try.

I don't have a picture of the actual plug in warmer the winner will receive, but the picture below will give you some idea.  I have 2 plug in warmers and 2 full size warmers.  I use the plug in warmers in the bathrooms and have one full size warmer downstairs in the living room and one upstairs in my bedroom. 

Plug in warmer

Fragrance bar

To learn more about Scentsy and check out the latest products, visit Cheryl's website at https://warmerenvy.com

Cheryl is awesome because she will replace the bulbs in your warmers at no charge.  All you have to do is let her know when they burn out and she will take care of you.

Also, become a fan of Cheryl's on facebook because she tells you about the latest products and has little contests and give aways.   http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Warmer-Envy-Cheryl-Hall-Independent-Scentsy-Consultant/121000471246748 

All comments should be posted by midnight EST on Monday, October 25th and I will announce a winner on Tuesday, October 26th, 2010.  And, be sure to leave the comments on my actual blog and not through networked blogs which posts on facebook.

Good Luck!!


Vanessa said...

I'm all up for this one! I love Scentsy mainly because I don't like using wick candles. I have a HUGE fear of fire and my house burning, even as a child! So when Scentsy came out, I jumped on it and haven't looked back. I'm quite known for my extensive collection that has been going on for almost 2 years now? My MIL bought me a mid-size warmer a few years back and since then I've collected 3 plug-ins for all bathrooms, another mid-size for my bedroom and a mid-size for Christmas to add to my holiday collection. I love the fall and the fruity ones!

Ginger said...

I am new to your blog! I found you on MMB. I love Scentsy! I have a full size warmer at home and love the Walnut Vanilla and the Cinnamon Spice one. I didn't know they had the plug ins though. I would love to have one for my office at work! I'm going add myself to follow you... Your blog is so cute! :)

Shannon Harris said...

Oh girl! I love me some lemon lavender!!! I wish they'd bring it back so I can burn the ones I have. Love ya Mer!

Anonymous said...

Well, I just know that I love the Scentsy that you were burning at your house when Ensa and I came and stayed with you. My co-worker just got some as some one here is selling it now that they ship to APO addresses and she loves them too. She even let me try the hand sanitizer yesterday. YUM!

Emilie said...

I have only just heard of scentsy. My cousins and sisters all know about them and talk about how much they like them. I am interested in seeing them b/c I do love to burn candles (especially fall flavors like pumpkin spice and anything apple)

Morgan Hood said...

I LOVE give aways!!!! I first heard about Scentsy several years ago when a good friend of mine, became a Consultant out in Utah. I never bought anything from her b/c I never got a chance to actually look at the products in person, etc. So, when I got the chance to actualy see them last year..I jumped on it and purchased some products. I love that they are wickless and I can just plug my warmer in and the house fills up with a glorious fragrance. My favorite fragrances are... Lucky in Love, Autumn Sunset, Home Sweet Home, and Winter WOnderland.... I use Autumn Sunset in the Fall and then Winter Wonderland through the Christmas season and the others throughout the year. Scentsy is amazing!!!

Belinda Sherley said...

I've never tried the Scentsy before. I'll check it out. I do have some Bath & Body Works Fragrance which are similar and I absolutely LOVE those. They make the house smell sooo good!

Lindsey Phillips said...

I have never tried Scentsy, but always wanted to, I just have to now being your neighbor your house always smells so good!

Meredith said...

My friend Jeni in Guam wasn't able to leave her comment on my blog but this is it... Thanks for trying Jeni! :)

I can try again, I just wanted to tell you I ♥ scentsy too! It's really popular around here. I didn't go to a party for a long time because I thought it was a tea light but once I found out it was a light bulb I was hooked. :)