Friday, December 31, 2010

Holiday Activities

We have had a wonderful holiday season full of many activities.  Our time this month has been filled with baking goodies, secret Santa stuff, birthday parties, and Christmas parties.  But, just being together and enjoying each other has been the best part of Christmas for me.  Even though there have been hectic and crazy moments, I would not trade any of it.  Here are a few highlights...

The Color guard from the navy Base leads the Christmas parade in Franklin.

We met our friend Emilie to watch the parade.
Katy and Lily are all bundled up to watch the parade.
Noah, Travis, Hercules, and Emilie.
Pendleton County High School marching band

The Girl Scouts

And, it's over!
Noah's school Christmas Program
At Lily's school Christmas party the kids sang several Christmas songs and were the cutest things!!
Lily and Katy and some cutie patootie friends.     

Mrs. Eye helps Lily with her plate.

Katy meets Santa at our church Christmas party.

Katy and Santa

Daddy and Lily making cookies on Christmas Eve.
Lily with Pepper and Hercules.  The children love these dogs so much!  Not a day goes by that they are not hugging and loving on them... sometimes more than the dogs like.
On Christmas morning Noah is excited to find Santa brought him a metal detector.
Lily with her new doll "baby talks all day ."
Katy with her new baby alive doll.
Beyblades always make Noah smile!
Thanks Grandpa Tom and Grandma Molly.

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