Friday, January 28, 2011

Kids say the funniest things!

Lily loves to do crafts, but in particular she loves to paint.  I'm always a little leery of getting the paints out because it is so messy, but this morning she convinced me when she said "Well, if you let us paint it will get us off your nerves Mom."

The other week Lily lost her CTR ring at school and was very upset about it.  CTR stands for choose the right and it is a reminder for the children to make good decisions.  Lily said she would not be able to remember to choose the right without it, and while I was trying to explain to Lily that she would still be able to remember to choose the right, Katy says "I always choose the left."

Noah told me that Lily said a bad word.  When I asked him what it was he said "you know when you say John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt?  Well, just that out the M out of Schmidt and you'll know. "

P.S.  Lily doesn't know what that word means yet, so if she did say it, she didn't know what she was saying! ;)

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