Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A geocache weekend

Over the long weekend we had fun with the kids hanging out and geocaching.  They are really getting into it now and we finally settled on our name/handle.  The corn dog crew!  Not my first pick, but Noah just loves it!  We took a drive up to Winchester for the day and found a couple geocaches while we were there.

I thought this one was hidden in a pretty cool place.

Good job corn dog crew!

The next one we found was in a neighborhood...

Hurry up Dad!

The kids found it under a rock at the base of this tree but Noah was afraid to pick it up because there was a bird nest on it.  So, Lily took care of business and moved the rock for him.

The bird flew away while we were there... I sure hope it went back to it's nest and no one bothers it for awhile.  The last time someone found this cache was about 6 weeks ago.

Way cool!

On the way home we stopped at place close by to find one called "between two barns."

We looked....

and looked...

and looked....but could not find it.  We will have to get more clues and try again.

The next day on the way home from church we decided to do some more geocaching.  Noah was not enthused about geocaching in his church clothes, and sat in the car while the girls looked.  This one was called "Franklin's first"

We found it!
Katy is using the handheld GPS like a phone.  She decided to call Nana.

A nice view of Franklin.
The next geocache we looked for was in a beautiful spot.  I love the way this picture turned out.  I think I need a tripod! 

The hunt is on...

Still looking..

While everyone was looking for the geocache I took in the beautiful scenery.  Sometimes I can't get over just how beautiful WV is.
Back to the search... we looked for quite awhile but never found it.  This was a tricky one and we'll have to get more clues and try again.

I did manage to get in a picture after all.  Love my girls!

You see lots of hay bales around here now and Noah thought I was weird for stopping to take pictures of them.

The last search before we headed for home was in Brandywine.


There it is!

Katy found it.  Way to go!

The girl's helped to pick up some trash that someone left behind.

Cache in, trash out!