Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Chicken Chronicles- Christmas Day Massacre

This cute little thing took out half of our flock on Christmas day.  It happened when I went to the base and was gone for all of 15 minutes.  When I returned, Pepper was outside romping around.  I was about to let her in when Noah met me at the door crying to leave her outside because she killed some of the chicks.  All of the kids were upset but especially Noah.

It happened like this... Travis was busy cleaning a couple of the chicks when he heard a commotion in the basement and yelled for Noah to check on them because he thought Pepper might be in the "hen house."  Noah ran down to the basement and found Pepper in the baby pool with the chicks and yelled at her to get out, but, it was too late.  There were 6 dead, 3 casualties, and 3 walking wounded.   Travis had to put 3 down later that night and over the next day or so three more died.  

It took a day or so for the kids to warm back up to Pepper and treat her like a part of the family again.  We tried to explain that she is a dog and just doing what dogs instinctively do.  However, we learned a valuable lesson from the tragedy and now we know we must be diligent about protecting the chicks from the dogs... especially Pepper!

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