Monday, January 02, 2012

Got chicks?

We do!  We are now the owners of a flock of chicks.  They are adorable and we are very excited about the prospect of farm fresh eggs this summer.  We know it will be work and will take everyone to do their part to take care of the chicks and we hope this will be a good experiment for the whole family.

The chicks were mailed from TX and arrived on the 23rd.    When we went to pick them up at the post office the first thing we heard were the chicks peeping up a storm.  I’m sure they were very thirsty, hungry, and stressed from the journey.  

There were 27 chicks in the box and only one died in route.  Travis took them out of the box one by one and gave each of them some water.  Travis ordered an assorted batch of chicks, so it was exciting to see each one as he took them out of the box.  Before long the baby pool quickly filled up with the 26 most adorable chicks we had ever seen!

Stay tuned!

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