Friday, January 06, 2012

New peeps!

We got a new batch of baby chicks yesterday!  This batch has 26 babies and so far all of them are getting settled in.  There is one chick that seems to be a runt and a little weaker than the others, but we are watching her closely.

Travis read in a book that you should introduce your pets to the chicks and let them know they are yours.  Here Travis is explaining to Hercules that the chicks are his and he is not to touch them.  We'll see if that sinks in.  We also showed the new chicks to Pepper and explained the same thing to her and all the while she was licking her chops.  

It is amazing to what a difference 2 weeks makes in their growth.  Here are our 2 week old chicks looking a bit like awkward teenagers compared to the new cutie pies.... but, they are still adorable!

Stay tuned for some chick flicks!

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