Wednesday, August 29, 2012

16 Years Ago Today....

....Travis and I got married! I love ABC lists, and to commemorate our special day, I have compiled an Anniversary ABC list to remember our life together.

Here goes...

A- Adventure (lots and lots)
B- Brownies (with extra cc's and nuts)
C- Church (the foundation that holds it all together)
D- Deployments (been there done that, and hope to keep it that way)
E- Education (USC, GT, SJCME, and more to come)
F- Family (what life is all about- forever!)
G- Generous (to a fault)
H- Hens (your favorite girls)
I- I LOVE YOU (more)!!
J- Jokes (a necessary part of life)
K- Katy (Precious gift #3)
L- Lily (Precious gift #2)
M- Marathons (50 states... half's too)
N- Noah (Precious gift #1)
O- Overcome Obstacles (what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!)
P- Pets (dogs, cats, chickens)
Q- Quiet (Wish we had some)
R- Relocating (8 times... 10 if you count in- town moves)
S- Sense of humor (love yours)
T- Travel (love it and want more of it!)
U- Unforgettable (our life together)
V- Vacation (always looking forward to the next one)
W- Who is right? (Me!)
X- X-tra special moments (I cherish them all)
Y- Yummy food (food adventures)
Z- Zzzzzzzzz (What's that?)

I love you Travis!
Happy Anniversary!

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