Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Catty Wompus: A Tale of Friendship

I just read the cutest book by Julie Howe called Catty Wompus: A Tale of Friendship.  It is about a girl named Catty Wompus, who seems to have it all.  She has fancy clothes and many toys, but she has no friends and everyone thinks Catty Wompus is moody and mean.  

One day, Catty Wompus is mean to a girl named Lucy Hope.  Although this upsets Lucy, she decides to take a chance and be nice to Catty Wompus anyway.  This small gesture makes all the difference in the world to Catty Wompus, and is the beginning of their friendship.   

“Never think you’ll get good friends with toys and flashy things.  Nothing can replace the joy that honest friendship brings.”
I think this book has a wonderful message for children teaching them to be nice to everyone.  Not everyone is nice and easy to get along with, but sometimes a small gesture of kindness can make a real difference in someone’s life.  

 “Now listen close to what I say, you won’t learn this in school.  Good friends are made by being one, so learn this golden rule.”  

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